What is tapegro

Tapegro is a glorious framework you can use to create games in Javascript. It is a standalone program, which is runs your game code like a script. At its core, it is powered by Allegro and Duktape. Allegro is used for all interactive multimedia needs - graphics, audio, input, etc. Duktape is used to run the Javascript code you write your game with. Tapegro is to Javascript similar to what Love2d is to Lua. It is free and works on Windows, Linux and MS-DOS. In particular, MS-DOS games can now be had everywhere due to DOSBox.
Tapegro is a product of Brazil! And may rob you at gunpoint at any time!

Windows MS-DOS Linux


Due to the usage of the Allegro library, Tapegro includes several useful features such as: Plus, of its own it also has:

Getting started

Read the tutorial.
You can check the example games.
Alternatively, you may want to jump straight to the Javascript documentation and the configuration file documentation.

Changes list

2018/06/16WriteFile and WriteTextFile added, some documentation updated
2018/06/15Implemented CreateSubBitmap and GridPathfindPF stub
2018/06/15Fixed max MIDI velocity mistake on MIDI page
2018/06/13Fixed lack of documentation for MaskedStretchBlit
2018/01/15Replaced goatse with zombo
2017/12/30Now offering pat2dat.zip
2017/12/14Added garbage collection entry to tutorial
2017/12/14Improved Asteroids example, now runs well on DOS
2017/12/13Added multiline storage to developer console

Where to find the author, et al

You are welcome to look for kdrnic at #ludumdare or #dosgameclub in irc.afternet.org, where you will also find other gamedev and MS-DOS gaming enthusiasts.


Tapegro is copyright ALL YEARS Kdrnic.
Tapegro is freeware and can be distributed freely as long as it is not modified.
When you use Tapegro you do so at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your use or misuse of this software.

Due to the upcoming net code, Tapegro may turn into a GPL-licensed project. Never!


See also the MIDI page for a substitute to the awful Microsoft wavetable synthesizer.


Note that Tapegro under MS-DOS has some peculiarities. See the MS-DOS page.
You may want to develop and/or distribute your Tapegro game under DOSBox, a free DOS emulator, or under a MS-DOS virtual machine. Again, see the MS-DOS page.


See also the MIDI page for a substitute to the common lack of installed MIDI support under Linux.
Please note that I haven't prepared a Linux build yet, so the link below leads to zombo instead.
Tapegro, and this page, are work in progress! Return soon for more!
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